Celtic Horse Logging Multimedia

Celtic Horse Logging Multimedia
Last summer an excellent photographer reviewed my work and gave me some valuable advice. We were discussing images I shot in Scotland on the story of Celtic Horse Logging with the Lenihan family. I mentioned that I had shot a short piece of very wobbly video but that the sound on it was quite good. I was thinking about experimenting with combining the images and the ambient sound to give the viewer more of an immersive insight into the story. He told me I must try it!

Since then I have gone onto teaching myself about video and making short films for various different organizations. However, yesterday I found the sound for this on my laptop and thought I’d try it out. It’s an experiment in multimedia storytelling but one I’m quite pleased with, it feels simple but effective. Film has felt like a natural extension to my photographic work and in a world that is so engaged online these new ways of storytelling, I feel, are really worth exploring. I hope you enjoy it!

P.S The aforementioned photographer is the lovely and super talented Gavin Gough. See for yourselves here:Ā http://www.gavingough.com/