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Visual Storytelling through Photography and Film    

I focus on travel, documentary and charity, as well as commercial photography/videography and am currently based in Devon.


I’ve always liked to tell stories, I’m sure friends would tell you I frequently bore them with the smallest details and the longest tales! Since my interest in photography began I’ve loved its power to inform us about our world, its people, places and wildlife.

This is now my job, I tell stories through photography and film.

 I have a wealth of experience and a passion for visual imagery. I undertake my own photography/video work where I plan, shoot, produce and edit work for a variety of clients. My aim is to help conserve our planet, it’s wildlife and people through visual imagery. I am organized, adaptable and a good team player with the capability of multitasking and working well under pressure.

How I can help you… I can document your wedding day, provide photographs/video for your business, provide imagery from a selection of Stock photography (Please get in touch), or use photographs and video to tell stories about people, places, food, celebrations and more!

I’m really interested in working more with charities to promote their good work, so if you are looking for some photography/film for your charity then please get in touch.