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I recently returned from a short break to Marrakech, Morocco, a country that I’ve always wanted to visit inspired by my favourite childhood book ‘Hideous Kinky’ by Esther Freud. The sights and sounds of Morocco come alive in that evocative book and Marrakech didn’t disappoint. We spent 4 night staying in a traditional riad in the heart of the Medina, within it’s walled ramparts. We wandered the sights, enjoyed local food and wine, battled the 42 degree heatwave and got lost in the mazes of souks in the medina. A day trip to the foothills of the Atlas Mountains provided glimpses of snowy peaks and Berber villages clinging to the hillsides. I loved Marrakech for its architecture and atmosphere, with its secret garden courtyards and labyrinthine riads hidden behind wooden doors. It’s a great place for people watching, peering down narrow alleyways, haggling with souk sellers and then retreating to a quiet courtyard with a fresh mint tea.

Stories from the Vaka

Vaka -1

Late last year whilst I was in the South Pacific I joined a voyage organized by IUCN to raise awareness of climate change in the Pacific. I shot video and took photos on the 5 day leg from Fiji to Vanuatu. It was an amazing experience and I’ve recently finished a multimedia site to tell some of the stories from the voyage. Take a look here:

Mua Voyage


Back in November I had the incredible opportunity to join a crew sailing a traditional ‘canoe’ or Vaka from Fiji to Vanuatu.

I Photographed and documented this leg of their journey. The voyage, organized by IUCN was headed ultimately for the World Parks Congress in Sydney, so that people from the Pacific could tell their first hand stories of how they are affected by climate change to a wider audience.

Footage and interviews I shot are used in this video for the trip, made by IUCN.




I recently spent 4 months volunteering in Fiji in the South Pacific. These are a few photos from my time here, from the capital Suva to Fiji’s islands, traditional villages and perfect beaches.



Sorry for the lack of entries recently, I’ve been busy settling into my new position, in a new country…In late August I relocated to Fiji!

I’m based in Suva, the small but lively capital of Fiji, on the island of Viti Levu until February. I’m here to intern with WWF in their Communications department and work specifically on improving their video content. Hopefully some great adventures on their way, along with the chance to be part of an amazing organization and help with their Pacific conservation work.

You can follow my travels on my Facebook page & on Instagram, but for now here is a photo from beautiful Leluvia.


2014-06-07 10.27.24

Over the weekend a selection of my photographs went on show at a local cafe. It’s lovely to have my work framed and exhibited and people viewing my photographs.

Celtic Horse Logging Multimedia

Celtic Horse Logging Multimedia
Last summer an excellent photographer reviewed my work and gave me some valuable advice. We were discussing images I shot in Scotland on the story of Celtic Horse Logging with the Lenihan family. I mentioned that I had shot a short piece of very wobbly video but that the sound on it was quite good. I was thinking about experimenting with combining the images and the ambient sound to give the viewer more of an immersive insight into the story. He told me I must try it!

Since then I have gone onto teaching myself about video and making short films for various different organizations. However, yesterday I found the sound for this on my laptop and thought I’d try it out. It’s an experiment in multimedia storytelling but one I’m quite pleased with, it feels simple but effective. Film has felt like a natural extension to my photographic work and in a world that is so engaged online these new ways of storytelling, I feel, are really worth exploring. I hope you enjoy it!

P.S The aforementioned photographer is the lovely and super talented Gavin Gough. See for yourselves here:

Beach Conference Photos

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The lovely people at Devon Wildlife Trust invited me again to come and take photos/film at their Marine Champions Beach Conference on Wembury beach. They have been working with schoolchildren in Plymouth and the surrounding areas to educate them about our marine environment and the threats that it faces. This beach conference was a day filled with engaging and interesting activities that raise their awareness of the core threats of: marine plastic, overfishing, climate change, terrestrial pollution and problems facing Marine Protected Areas.

I have also made a film for Devon Wildlife Trust which you can see here

Fiji Community Development Programme Film

A video I made for WWF Pacific and the Fiji Community Development Programme. The organizations work to help coastal communities in Fiji better manage their marine resources.

Click here to view

Mua Voyage Video by IUCN

Vaka -1

Please click on the video above to view, or click here

A video made by IUCN featuring footage and interviews I shot as part of the amazing Mua Voyage.

I joined a crew sailing from Fiji to Vanuatu to raise awareness of climate change from a frontline perspective.

Rear Curtain feature

A story of mine has been featured as the first in a series called ‘Good Work’ on Rear Curtain. Rear Curtain is a great platform for emerging visual storytellers and I’m delighted to be involved with it. The series ‘Good Work’ shines a light on jobs that are often under peoples radar. My series on Celtic Horse Logging features the work of the Lenihan family in Scotland who have been logging with heavy horses for generations, these men experts of this dwindling tradition. My photography has often focused on the environment and our connection to it, whether positive or negative. This form of logging is more environmentally friendly and selective than logging by industrial machinery and therefore much gentler on the environment. If we must keep felling trees then we should be championing the use of heavy horses to do it.

You can view the story here:

Celtic Horse Logging 3

Wembury beach Tidelapse


Please click on the image above to view the video or click here

I shot this timelapse from the top of Wembury church, we had specific access and I spent a morning or two up there. The video was made for Wembury Marine Centre who do the Rockpool Rambles and have an education centre next to the beach. Click here to view a video of Rockpool Rambling. The intention of this video is to show the retreating tide and the interaction between people and the beach from an unusual vantage point.

National Trust Peregrines


Please click on the image above to view my video for the Peregrine Project or click here

The National Trust at Plymbridge Woods, just outside Plymouth, run a programme to protect nesting peregrines. They provide a 24 hour watch and information for passing visitors. Visit during late March until September to view conservation in action.

Rockpool Rambling Film

Rockpool Rambling

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I’ve been working on various projects for Wembury Marine Centre over the summer. They do fantastic work engaging people, in particular children, about the local marine environment, it’s wildlife and how to protect it. This short video documents ‘Rockpool Rambling’ an activity that the centre runs throughout the summer, where they take the public out to rockpools at low tide and help them identify marine wildlife whilst adhering to the Seashore Code of Conduct to protect the animals. Using plastic containers the guides help locate marine animals and provide information about them. To view photographs shot over the summer at Wembury Marine Centre click here


This is a personal project documenting old age, the man pictured is 97 and my grandpa. He is fairly fit, has had an interesting and varied life and is still very sharp. He is also nearly 100, a great grandfather and still a practicing vicar. This work aims to examine life when you’ve been on the planet for nearly a century. The photographs were all taken in and around his home and I hope offer a sensitive insight into the life of someone very dear to me.

Barn Owl Trust


Photos for the Barn Owl Trust, based in Devon. The trust was started in 1988 and aims to protect, conserve and educate people about the barn owl. They do fantastic work by engaging people in local wildlife and rehabilitating injured owls.

Wembury Marine Centre

I’ve been doing some work helping to promote Wembury Marine Centre, which is part of the Wildlife Trusts. Being both a Voluntary Marine Conservation Area (VMCA) and a Special Area of Conservation (SAC), it is one of the best places in the country to view marine plants and animals. Various activities are held to encourage the public to engage in their local environment and to educate them about marine life. Rockpool Rambles are one of these events, teaming children and their respective adults with Marine Centre volunteers, who help them to find, identify and learn about marine wildlife.